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Welcome back to our humble home page to those of you who have been here before.  If this is  your first visit, we hope you enjoy your look around. We have heard countless times from our customers in the most superlative terms, how much they love our bags, how well made they are, how they last and last, how pretty the tapestries are, how they make great gifts,  how many they have in their collections and on and on. It’s not that we live for the flattery or anything, but it is very gratifying that our work is so appreciated. So now we want to start collecting testimonials from anyone and everyone who would like to take the time to share your experiences. If you are so inclined, please click on the link below and let the love flow.

And thank you all from Rebekah and Micheal for your support over these many (29) years.

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Rome, they say, wasn’t built in a day, Nor shall be this website built in a day, or even twenty.  and neither did our fabric rack that  I’d like to show you appear overnight.  So if you don’t mind stepping over extension cords , I could tell you this little story about a fabric rack  or   you can come right in and have a look around at the real reason you came here - for Rebekah’s Purses.
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